Q: Why Soul & Rise?

A: When you book with Soul & Rise, you're not just booking any old camera operators! You're are getting a passionate team of hardworking creatives on your side. We are not just working for you, we work with you to capture your stories effectively and as natural as possible.

We are not obtrusive! We keep our kit to a minimum so it is portable, mobile and flexible. Our editors love spending time sifting through footage trying to find and highlight those key moments that you will want to remember forever.

We are passionate about our work, passionate about it all! From cleaning our lenses to making the perfect coffee, there is nothing we would rather do! We are a trustworthy and reliable team that provides an excellent end product, time and time again.

Q: Why should I choose a professional to capture my day?

A: A marriage isn't just for one day. Your marriage is for the rest of your life! When you are grey and old and you sit down together to watch your wedding video or to scroll through your wedding photographs, you probably won't say 'I wish I got the more expensive car' or 'we should have bought the four tiered rather than three tiered cake!'

No, you will be looking back and remembering the people, the emotion, the laughs, the smiles, the little glances of pure joy when you both said 'I do'.

Uncle Bob may have just bought a £200 camera off eBay for £110, but before you ask him to capture your day just to save a little money, have a think about the old and grey you.

Q: Are there any other people you would recommend?

A: Competition? No, we are a community! One of the best things about our job is that we get to meet a lot of great people that share the same passion as us. Here are a list of people we like to work with and places we like to work!

Photographers - Gather & TidesThe LousDavid Cavan, Kat MervynTen21, Simple Tapestry, NavyBlur, Emma Kenny, Ciara Cassidy

Musicians - The Gents, Arco String Quartet, Ruth Corry

Venues - Orange Tree HouseThe Carriage Rooms, The MillhouseLissanoure Castle, Drenagh House, Virginia Park Lodge, Ballymagarvey Village

Flowers - The Rosehip & BerryFlowers by Mee, Little Philly Flowers, Ruth Hood, Floral Earth

Hair & Make-Up - Jennifer Ireland, Lynette Murray, Olivia Muldoon, Tippy Logronio

Q: Can Soul & Rise capture my wedding day even though it is far away?

A: Short answer, yes! 

We are happy to travel, in fact we love it! We get to see new sights and meet new people which is what we are all about.

Logistics - If your wedding is taking place outside of Northern Ireland, all you have to do is pay for our travel, put a roof over our head for one night, and leave the rest up to us!


Q: Can Soul & Rise do both my wedding photography and my wedding video?

A: Yes we can! 

All you have to do is to combine our two BASIC packages.

Click here to view our full range of packages.